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04.23.2012 : I Love Taiwan Began : 我愛台灣活動發起


07.01.2012 : WOW!


Taipei 101


NT$10,000,000 !!!


I spoke with Taipei 101, made the application and they came back to me with the total cost to put up the final picture on the building.

I don’t know about you, but that is too expensive and I would feel terrible wasting that much money when we could use it for something better.


The Future of I Love Taiwan 我愛台灣未來願景

2012.10.10 已經過了可是我們還沒收到201,210張照片. 計畫持續到收集到200,000張照片為止. 然後,做巨幅圖片.

The 10th October 2012 has already passed.  The plan is to keep going until we get all 200,000 photos. Then, we make that picture.