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  1. 只要有比出V姿勢,一個人想上傳幾張就上傳幾張.
  2. 每張上傳的照片要不一樣.不能上傳相同照片100次.
  3. 只要第一張上傳照片有寫拍照地點,為什麼愛台灣和台灣哪裡可以進步.接下來你可以只寫拍照地點,不需要每張寫為什麼愛台灣或台灣哪裡可以進步.


  1. One person can upload as many photos as they like as long as they are doing the ‘V’ pose.
  2. Each photo uploaded must be different.  Don’t upload the same photo 100 times.
  3. You can just write the location each photo was taken, you don’t need to say why you love Taiwan or how it can improve for each photo.  Just say why you love Taiwan and how it can improve for the first photo you upload.